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Kumar Vagish

Humans love being enslaved

Everything in nature works on balance. Balance is the key. Extremes don't sustain for long. Even the black holes radiate out the materials they ingulf in. Biggest of the stars die in relatively shorter period of time. We humans have existed because of the balance between two major perspectives. One is to explore, challenge, innovate and conquer. The other one is to sit back, wait and hope. Of all these, there is a common consequence uncovering. Among many, slavery is one of the most prevalent one. Gone are the days where one population physically enslaved the other. Now, when the old problems are gone, new ones are coming up. Now we are, across the globe, are being enslaved by the tools created by us. We worship our own creations and deem them as the universal law. Religion, money, technology, cultures and society. Societies were created for cumulative ease. We are social animals. We are not psychologically as well as physically capable to exist alone in the wild. We were the hunters as well as the hunted. We are not god, we are just 1% different from the chimps. The chimps who still are a part of the natural cycles. While other lifeforms concentrated on developing their physical capabilities, we developed our mental ones. And we are "not" 1% more than the chimps, we are just 1% "different". Many things they can do that we can't. To keep in mind, they are nearly 4 times as strong as we are, physically. We tried escaping the brutal cycles of life by creating societies and technologies. We created religions for controlled and directed way for the masses. We created money for accurate value and transactions and we created technology for better life standards and ease of living. Out of these, religious dilemmas are my favorite. See, the universe is commanded by "universal" laws. All other depictions are just delusion, imagination or incomplete knowledge. Of course, each religious depictions offer its own version of "perfect knowledge" and stop people to question it. A person who is a bit more smart, clever and knowledgeable created the delusion for the rest. More so, some religions even stop people from questioning much. We have become slaves of our own creations. Money, religion, tech.. all these are our creations, meant to solve our problems. But they are now lagging behind in solving the purposes they were 1st created for. But we like being enslaved. It gives us a sense of security to walk with the society. We forget, that humans are not what they are now because of playing it safe. We learn, we question, we challenge, we conquer. Lack of wisdom and abundance of tools will create more weapons. It will happen naturally. While we will be living our own lies and challenging others', we all will destroy ourselves. Evolution is the key, questioning is the key and wisdom is the key. We will not make our creations control us. They were our slaves, it is how it should be. It is how it will be.